High Please!

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I woke up today thinking about shoes, my shoes, and how every pair I have is so interesting, beautiful, unique and crazy- life's too short to wear boring shoes, right? Well, as yesterday night I was preparing these photos for today's post with these beautiful, black, very high shoes I remembered the time a few years ago when I was still going to school, the time when I was wearing only high heels! Really! I clearly remember that one day, when I went to school with flats for the very first time and everyone couldn't believe :D But, as well as I could remember flats stared being more fashionable last years, the years when I was going to school they were kinda boring, but now I have many fashionable flats. Actually, now, almost everyday I go to the university with flats, anyway, high shoes are still my love!  How about you?
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top and panties- H&M;
shoes and bag-Michel;