My Top 10 Fresh Fashion Blogs

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I've decided to make a post with my top 10 bloggers whose style I like and I find their blogs really interesting. However, I didn't include any of the most famous fashion bloggers that we all know. You know that there are many fashion blogs and new ones appear everyday, so the blogs I'm going to show you can be also new to you. Although, I put my favorite fresh blogs in a chart, I find them equally inspirational- just, a chart is more interesting! :)

Patricia is 22-years old fashion blogger, freelance stylist and model, Filipino- Spanish.

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The blogger from Art in out blood is Jennifer, she's just 17 years old from California with great sense of style!

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 photo 1-1_zps27b98f1f.jpg
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Michele K. is blogging from Switzerland. She has her own personal style, I love her colorful outfits!

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Caroline is a fashion blogger and model from Sweden. 

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 photo c781d29d83ae637ab986edd91155f6e4_zps2e55f78a.jpg
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Lucy is 23 years old fashion blogger from the Netherlands. She's adorable!

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 photo distressed-denim-shorts-white-sandals-cami-710x839_zpsdd3dbf0d.jpg
 photo long-white-minimalistic-sheer-hem-dress-710x473_zps9892676b.jpg
 photo outfit-long-pencil-skirt-cropped-sweater-cap-710x668_zpse37977b9.jpg
 photo outfit-black-dungarees-polkadot-off-shoulder-tee-710x783_zps5b68a8bb.jpg
 photo outfit-orange-blazer-white-heels-givenchy-obsedia-710x899_zps2d872882.jpg

 Mike Quyen is photographer and a newborn fashion blogger from London. I know him from Lookbook, his photos are very memorable and unique. He created his blog recently, where he shares his personal outfits and work(photography).
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 photo lookbook_zps3db0cd5c.jpg
 photo 1-2_zpsce4e8893.jpg
 photo l3_zpscfade9ca.jpg
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Konstantina Tzagaraki is blogging from Greece. Just like Mike Quyen, she's famous from Lookbook and created her blog recently. She has gorgeous personal style and almost always she's wearing crazy high shoes!
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Levi Nguyen is a newborn fashion blogger, but her blog is growing really fast. I think it's obvious why- she's absolutely gorgeous!

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 photo est1_zpsac626a85.png
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Ekaterina Normalnaya is 21 years old designer and fashion blogger from Minsk. In her blog she shares her personal style and her designs. I also found her in Lookbook. With that beautiful blonde hair she looks like a doll and her style is really inspiring.
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 photo _-1_zps82ad7c61.jpg
 photo 567897975675_zpse009e37a.jpg
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 photo --9-090_zps1795ab6d.jpg
 photo 4564564_zps118f359c.jpg
 photo __zps7dcc5114.jpg

The dolly rockers are three girls blogging from England- Lucie, Daniele and Sophie. They're actually singers and their girl band is called Dolly Rockers. I remember Lucie, a long ago from Myspace  and by then I was impressed with her style. In the blog, the girls share their passion for fashion and music- personal style photos, fashion inspirations and videos of them singing. 
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