Rihanna For River Island Collection, Spring/Summer 2013

 photo 972256_10151378013301680_430931703_n.jpg

The beautiful and stylish collection of Rihanna for River Island is introduced in these gorgeous photos. There are clothes for every taste- casual, feminine, sexy- just like Riri's style. I'm in love with the stripped outfit on the first photo and the dresses- the red, the yellow and the long black one!

 photo 936981_10151378013361680_665222511_n.jpg  photo 182266_10151378013406680_889121679_n.jpg  photo 547202_10151378014451680_1532395406_n.jpg  photo 947315_10151378014386680_1963378034_n.jpg  photo 385340_10151378014221680_522823788_n.jpg  photo 936169_10151378013541680_1965456587_n.jpg  photo 969049_10151378013671680_773490879_n.jpg  photo 163497_10151378014196680_1971858215_n.jpg  photo 944105_10151378014166680_759946648_n.jpg