A Green Dress In Barcelona

 photo DSC_0206_zps97eb3d2c.jpg
I was wearing this green H&M dress one of the days in Barcelona. That day I visited The Museum of Art, that actually became one of my favorite places in Barcelona. The building with all the fountains outside is gorgeous. There are many stairs to reach the museum, but don't worry, Barcelona is spoiling its tourists to the max- they put escalators :D Inside the museum is huge, there are many halls with different paintings and sculptures from different periods. I'm mostly interested in modernism, so this was the best hall in my opinion (you can see me next to a famous Picasso painting on the photos). Actually, I wasn't able to see all halls, because as I already mentioned the museum was really huge. 
Then I visited the stadium of the Olympic games (I actually happened upon it while walking). And then I spend five-ten minutes of marvel and a bit of fear on the lift passing above Barcelona.
 I finished this long day with shopping for a perfect ending!
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 photo DSC_0236_zps178ae03f.jpg
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 photo DSC_0009_zpscd013b91.jpg  photo DSC_0044_zpsfcb9c013.jpg  photo DSC_0052_zps1b409266.jpg  photo DSC_0072_zps0f8967ab.jpg  photo DSC_0159_zpsb2414854.jpg  photo DSC_0202_zpsc9912b1b.jpg  photo DSC_0218_zps5bb28ea9.jpg  photo DSC_0284_zps06bdd49c.jpg  photo DSC_0261_zps5f3d0ca4.jpg

dress- H&M;
necklace- Zara;
sunglasses- Zara;