My Daily Make-up

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Like most women, I too have noticed that I have my daily make-up routine. That one make-up that suits me most, it takes me 5 minutes and looks fantastic! In this article I've decided to share with you the make-up that I use at day. Anyway, when I go out at night my make-up doesn't change a lot, I just put some eyeshadow and that's it.
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1. At winter I always use foundation, at summer I use it only when I go out at night. Strange or not, when I stop using foundation my skin gets worse. I use Pupa.

2. I put this white powder by Chanel only under my eyes to hide the dark circles. I have noticed that, if I put corrector my skin glistens, so I prefer powder.

3. I was looking for this kind of eyeliner for a long time. And I personally like doing my shopping at shops, I mean not online and not by magazines like Oriflame offers. But when I saw it in their magazine, I offered it and I'm really content.

4. I'm a fan of italian cosmetics Kiko. And as they don't have shops in Bulgaria, I buy everything I need when I go to Italy. I'm really happy with that mascara, I bought it April and I'm still using it! I use it everyday!

5. I like Kiko's red lipstick, it's the red that suits me most.

6. To finish my make-up, I always put lipgloss. I use H&M's now.