Beach Sunset and Pink Bikini

 photo DSC_0501_zps04d1804c.jpg

The best time to go on the beach is either early in the morning or late, by sunset. There's less people, almost anyone, the sea is calmer, prettier and the sky by sunrise or sunset is just magical. It is also better to take photos at this time, the light is more appropriate, there are no black shadows on your face. I've already showed you my morning beach photos and here now my sunset photoshoot. Which one is better?
 photo DSC_0500_zps54fae579.jpg
 photo DSC_0482_zpsa0ee5b1a.jpg
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 photo DSC_0509_zps01791cff.jpg
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 photo DSC_0542_zps7d0d7be2.jpg

sunglasses- H&M;
swimsuit- from local shop, no name;