How To Get Five Different Looks With One Black Skirt (VIDEO)

Focus on: simple black mini skirt
I had that idea of showing you how to get different looks with just one basic element. Firstly, I was thinking to do it with photos, but then I've decided that it would be better to make a short video. I love making videos, it's so fun and I also think that in a video, you can get a better idea of me. I mean, in the photos, especially when it comes to me, I look very serious and I don't smile a lot and actually I'm not like that in real life. And moreover, you only see my face and clothes but you can't hear my voice and see me talking, because that's when you understand what the person is like, am I right? 

The basic element that I've decided to combine in five different looks is a simple black mini skirt that I've bought some years ago from Taily Weijl. With this skirt it's easy to get any look. In this video, I'm going to show you: formal look, sporty casual look, lady casual look, party look and sexy look and share with you some tips how to get them.

Take a look at the video and tell me your opinion about it, because it's important to me. I actually had so much fun making this video! And I think, this is the very first time you're going to hear my voice.. and see me dancing :D