Happy Valentine's Day!

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Focus on: LOVE
Hi sweethearts, how are you doing in the most romantic day of the year? Are you going to celebrate with your loved one or you're just going out with friends? Actually, here in Bulgaria we have two celebrations today, the one is your well known Valentine's day- the day of love- and the other is called Trifon Zarezan- it's the celebration of the vineyard, the grapes and wine! How do we celebrate it- well, we get drunk :D I'm kidding, we do drink red wine but it's not necessary to get drunk... So, I don't know from how long we're celebrating Valentine's day, but  since the begging, there's that devision between people- the old fashioned people saying that we shouldn't celebrate Valentine's day, because it's catholic celebration and we're orthodox and we shouldn't celebrate love just once a year but everyday and blah blah. And other people, like me, who think that Valentine's day is a great celebration and that doesn't mean that we love each other just once a year, and there's nothing wrong with having a special day for love and giving cute gifts to your loved one. I actually thing that Valentine's day and Trifon Zarezan are connected and you can celebrate both: wine and love- what's better?

Anyway, if you're going to celebrate today, what are you going to do with your loved one? We're going to visit some fancy restaurant and then back home to try the cake. Tell me how cute is that cake??? I don't even have words to express how lovely it is! I don't know if we will be able to eat it :D it's so pretty! Ok guys, I wish you happy Valentine's day, have wonderful time and remember: Live only lovers, the others simply exist!

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dress- H&M;
earrings- Swarovski;