Not That Casual

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Focus on: Mix of styles
Hello guys, how are you doing? After a week of sun and hot spring weather, the cold rainy days are back. That doesn't make me happy at all, but what can I do, except waiting for the bad days to pass, because during the sunny days I felt to alive. I must confess that, I'm so jealous of people who can go and spend a holiday in some exotic island or hot country- that was my dream since I can remember myself! And I promise that next year, I'll make everything possible to go on such vacation!

Anyway, about this outfit, it seems casual but it's not that casual. Those amazing shoes and the jeans make the outfit comfortable for everyday. The jacket and the big hat put an elegant note in the outfit. What do you think about this mix of styles? Do you like it?

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jeans- Miss Sixty;
coat- Zara;
hat- Taily Weijl;
necklace H&M;
shoes- Michel;