Ancient Feeling

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Focus on: Colorful, super short dresses
Yay! We finally have hot, sunny weather! And I was able to make wonderful photos, wearing this gorgeous dress barelegged, finally without feeling cold! I missed this so much- to feel the sun on my skin- the amazing summer feeling! I hope bad weather is not going to come back, because I got super positive and motivated with the sun, I love that!

It's my second photoshoot at this amazing place- the Ancient Theatre of Plovdiv- a place I love so much, it absolutely has that special ancient feeling and it's exciting every time I go there. This place was the right place to shoot this amazing colorful dress from -a website with a huge variety of wonderful clothes! I'm a huge fan of colorful, super short dresses for this spring and summer and this dress is definitely a dress I'm going to wear a lot!

I said it many times that I'm a person who loves dresses of all kinds and there's nothing more comfortable and more beautiful than a dress, especially at summer. This dress from is my definition of a great dress for this season. Do you agree with me?

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sunglasses- H&M;