H&M Jumpsuit

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Focus on: Jumpsuits
I know it's been a while since my last outfit post, but here's my newest H&M jumpsuit- a perfect idea for spring! These days we're having an awful weather again,  yesterday even snow, so I've decided to wait until my next spring/summer shopping, because every year when I buy something before the season, I can't wear it immediately and later I even forget it. Anyway, I couldn't help myself buying this amazing jumpsuit. Bad weather is also one of the reasons my outfit posts are missing.

Although, I've always liked jumpsuits like this one I'm wearing in this post, because they look very fashionable, I have to confess that, this is actually my very first jumpsuit. Well, except my denim jumpsuit when I was 10, but that doesn't count. I'm trying them every year at the shops and I always quit buying them, I don't know why. It's like the trend with the baseball hats- I love it, I've tried many hats, but I don't have one :D I guess, I can't imagine myself wearing some pieces and that's it. Anyway, this spring I'm saying "yes" to jumpsuits, what do you guys think, does it fit me right?

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jumpsuit- H&M;
necklace- H&M;
bag- Chanel;