Very Simple

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Focus on: Simple and chic dresses
The sun these days is so overwhelming and inspiring. It's been a while since the last time we had such an amazing weather, it makes me so happy and motivated- I want to go out and make tons of gorgeous photos! Like I did yesterday- three amazing photoshoots are about to be released! And that's great considering the fact that last week we had such a bad weather and even snow, when the only thing I wanted to do was to stay home and drink hot tea- it was also very hard to shoot.

Dresses are my favorite wear. They always look feminine and they're easy to put on, especially at summer they're the most comfortable! I love it when the dress is simple but in the same time super chic and lovely. This dress is by the italian brand Very Simple and it has it all. It's made of high quality material, it really ethereal, comfortable and of corse looks really beautiful. The touch of sequins make the dress so special and it's also perfect for a special occasion. The brand Very Simple has a big variety of pretty dresses, and other gorgeous, quality clothing, you should definitely check out their website!

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