Get Ready For The Beach With Tidebuy

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Focus on: Swimwear 2014
Summer is almost here and the best part of it is definitely the beach! So, it's time to start thinking about finding the best swimwear that would also be comfortable and pretty. I said it many times that I HAVE to live in a city with beach, because there's nothing I love more and I'm always in peace on the beach. And I also want to have constantly hot weather, if possible...  daydreaming is healthy! Anyway, I'm happy for having some of my folks in Italy, so I can spend one month and more a year on the beach there. You know when you have so much time to visit the beach every day, you need to have a big variety of swimwear- because they get wet and dirty, you have to wash them, and then you have to wait for them to dry off and excuses, excuses, for buying new swimwear every time you see one that you like...

In this post, I've decided to show you the amazing swimwear that offers. Beautiful, fashionable, fun, anything  you like and need! For this summer I'm pretty into white swimwear, that's why you are going to see a lot of it in this post. I'm in love with the different green swimwear in so unique green color, I definitely see myself wearing it on the beach. Imagine when your skin gets tanned, how lovely the green or the white swimwear will stand out! The colorful pieces are also always perfect for the summer- this season has to be full of colors. So, I recommend you to visit and take a look at all amazing pieces they have!    

Here's my selection of Tidebuy's swimwear, click on the photo to see it in their website!

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