Pink Skirt

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Focus on: Pink skirt
I'm so into pink this season! When I saw this skirt in Zara, I fell in love with it and I had to have it. It's not really the piece you won't stop wearing all summer, always feeling comfortable with, but it's definitely that skirt you wear when you want to feel elegant and stylish. We all need this in our wardrobes, right?

Well, now I can remember, some years ago I was shopping only for this kind of stuff- really pretty, fashionable, but uncomfortable and impossible to wear every day. I'm still attracted to these clothes, shoes and other accessories, because they catch my eyes with their beauty, but I started doing my shopping smarter. For example, when I'm shopping for every upcoming season, I must buy at least one top in black or white or other color that's easy to combine, one pair of comfortable and simple jeans (shorts in summer), at least one comfy dress I can wear at day (at summer they're more), one pair of super comfortable black shoes (not necessary to be flat, I do feel comfortable with some heels too) and a big bag in basic color in which I can carry the whole universe with me.. Of corse don't imagine that all this stuff has a lack of fashion and it's absolutely simple,basic and boring- oh no, I don't wear such things :D And once these pieces are found, I can add some extravagant elements in my wardrobe that I like, and I wear them from time to time. Because, as much as I want to walk all the time with the most beautiful heels and dresses in the world like a Hollywood diva, that's impossible every day.. let's face it.. I'm not Beyonce :D

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skirt- Zara;
top- H&M;
shoes- Zara;
watch- Guess;
sunglasses- H&M;
earrings- Swarovski;