Simple Chic

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Focus on: Simple chic outfits
I love it when the outfit is simple and in the same time somehow chic- perfect for everyday. The weather these days is gorgeous, so it really allows me to make some amazing outfit photos. I can finally wear my favorite dresses, blazers and shoes for spring- I really missed them in the cold winter days. You know how is it, getting excited in spring! Except if you're living in a country with constantly hot weather. I must confess that when I was a little girl, I really enjoyed all four seasons- I was happy in the snow as much as I was happy on the beach. And I couldn't imagine living in a city with "one season", where the weather is always hot or cold. But, I can say that changed a bit with time- it's not that I'm unhappy at winter, but I really enjoy summer more, I can say much more now, and I'd love to have only hot weather the whole year :D How about you?

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cardigan- Lui Jo;
top- H&M;
jeans- Mango;
necklace- H&M;