Special Pants On Easter

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Focus on: Baby blue floral pants
Looking out of the window at the cloudy sky that makes the weather look really unfriendly, and thinking about all the tasks I'm having for today, I'm dreaming of the sun and the carefree days, like this one on the pictures. These photos were actually taken on Easter, and I know what you'd say "but Easter is a day to relax and eat and be together with your family", well, not when one week before Easter cats and dogs were raining every day, and finally this one sunny day I was able to take photos for the blog. I hate taking pictures in the rain!

This outfit is casual and so comfortable, perfect for a walk out in the park for example. When I saw these pants in Tidebuy.com I wanted them so bad! These special pants are so unique, there's something really adorable about them. And I'm not even able to explain how truly comfortable they are! The material is so soft and of corse so pretty. Firstly, I was thinking about wearing these pants with heels, because that was how I imagined them- in a classy, elegant look, but then I tried them with these sneakers and I really loved the look that way. So, I will probably do an elegant look with the pants too, then you'll tell me which one is actually better :) 

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top- H&M;
jacket- vintage;
shoes&bag- Michel;