That Blue

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Focus on: Summer boots
I've always been a really big fan of summer boots and I'm going to tell you why. No doubt, in my opinion boots are the most stylish kind of shoes that exist! Maybe only a classic pair of sexy sharp shoes can compete with them. Boots are actually one of the main reason why I like winter, well and coats, and gloves and hats too- I hate cold, but I love winter clothing and accessories. Anyway, when we talk about boots it's not obligatory to connect them with winter and this pair of amazing blue summer boots, can prove that I'm right. Aren't they amazing?

I don't know what's going on with the weather today, because it's hot, one hour there's sun the other there are clouds. But I do feel like it's going to rain cats and dogs tonight, I can feel the pressure above me in the sky when there's going to rain. That kind of weather really depresses me and as much as I'm trying to stay positive, the only thing that I want to do now is hiding in my sheets with hot tea. Do you guys have any ideas how to cheer the situation up? :D

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top- Zara;
shorts- Levis vintage;
bag- Saint Laurent;
sunglasses- H&M;
shoes- Michel;