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We have the amazing opportunity of wearing many wonderful blazers, thanks to the long Spring season this year. As much as I remember, the last few years we barely had Spring and Fall- their duration was like one or two weeks only. We went from winter coats to sleeveless shirts. I have so many beautiful blazers and different jackets for this time of the year and I'm not able to wear all of them in just one week. But this year the Spring is really three months like it has to be. And as much as I love Summer and I'm looking forward to it, I'm also glad of the fact that the weather lets me wear my favorite blazers every day, not just in the windy summer nights. 

A blazer can change your outfit entirely! It's the most stylish element of an outfit, that's why we all love it. Tidebuy.com offers some really beautiful and quality blazers on good prices. In this post, I've decided to show you my favorite ones, I assorted them in four groups- pure white blazers, colorful blazers, classic blazers and floral blazers. I'm pretty obsessed with the white ones and it's a pity I don't own one. If you too haven't found the blazer of your dreams this post is just for you, check your my selection of blazers from Tidebuy.com

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