16 Incredible Places To Visit Before You Die

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

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Focus on: Traveling and nature
I have a huge passion for traveling, I want to go on a world tour if possible! There are so many amazing places around the globe and if we're able to see even a small part of them, that would great, because in my opinion traveling is the best way to spend your money! The emotions, the memories that gives you every destination can't be replaced by any object!

I still can't believe that the pictures I'm showing you today are actually real! They seem like a fairy tale, so unique and unbelievable to be true! But they are! These places really exist on our planet. I read an article about the 33 places to visit before you die in news.distractify.com and I've decided to share with you guys the 16 places that amazed me the most! No more words needed, enjoy!!!

Oak Alley, Louisiana

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Gansu, China
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Tunnel of Love, Klevan, Ukraine
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The Netherlands
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Ice Cave, Iceland
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Ashikaga flower park in Japan
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Marble Caves, Chile
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Hidden beach, Mexico

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Highlands, Iceland
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Lake Baikal, Russia
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Deadvlei, Namibia
Painting? No, this is a picture of the "death valley" where trees stand against a background of the highest sand dunes in the world!
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Sea of stars, Maldives

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Antilope Canyon, Arizona, USA

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Reed flaute caves, China
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Pamukkale, Turkey
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