Black By Sunset

 photo DSC_0721_zps9796f323.jpg
Focus on: Casual black outfits
"If I could lick the sunset, I'll bet it will taste like Neapolitan ice cream."- once said Jarod Kintz and I  agree with him! Sunsets are my favorite part of the day, especially if I have the chance to watch them in a beautiful place like this or on the beach! Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things that the sun gives us! It really melts my heart- so gorgeous. So, taking pictures by sunset is one of my favorite things to do, because later the photos look just amazing and I feel proud of myself for showing you such amazing landscapes.

In these photos, I'm wearing super comfortable outfit- leggings, t-shirt, sneakers and small bag, what can be more comfy than that? This look is perfect for a walk out, if you really want to enjoy yourself and feels super comfy and somehow fashionable at the same time. And, moreover, black is always trendy!

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 photo DSC_0868_zpsd972a8ed.jpg  photo DSC_0739_zps30909c12.jpg  photo DSC_0704_zps195d8e29.jpg  photo DSC_0904_zpsa9210006.jpg  photo DSC_0791_zpsfd6cbc18.jpg  photo DSC_0684_zps6e9d0554.jpg

leggings- Zara;
shirt- Homies (can be found in many online shops);
shoes&bag- Michel;