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Focus on: All black outfit with gold accents
It's been a while since I posted an all black outfit on the blog. Actually, I was wondering with what to combine these interesting shoes- they're so sparkling! So, I thought that an all black outfit with some gold accents would be the perfect match for these shoes.

I love interesting, fancy and sparkling accessories but I combine them with basic colors, because I don't want my outfit to be "too much". Well, that way you can't be wrong for sure. Besides, one piece of uniqueness is enough most of the times, am I right?

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 photo DSC_1287_zps07427024.jpg
 photo DSC_1277_zps7b357ea9.jpg
 photo DSC_0035_zps9f057a83.jpg

leggings- Zara;
sunglasses- H&M;
shoes- Michel;