Ma Vie En Rose

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Focus on: Just one piece of jewelry
Oh Lord, portrait pictures are so hard to take! Focusing only on your face, I mean on every muscle of your face is really hard. It feels much easier taking outfit photos, but maybe I feel that way, because I have this blog from almost three years and I have shown you hundreds of outfit photos and I have just two portrait posts.. actually, this is the second one. I should start practicing more on taking portrait photos, because I love them so much. The close up helps you see the person's face in details and you can catch every emotion and feeling they had during the photoshoot. How do I feel here, what do you think? :)

Well, on my first portrait post I focused on make up and it's a coincidence I'm wearing the same Dior red lipstick- it's my favorite, so pretty and stays on my lips for hours! Anyway, in this post I'm focusing more on these Swarovski earrings and how just one piece of jewelry can be enough for your outfit. I rarely, really rarely wear too much jewelries, which makes my style a bit minimalistic. Moreover, who needs another jewelry when these Swarovski earrings catch so much attention!

Ma vie n'est pas toujours en rose (my life is not always in roses), and I'm not meaning it literally with this title, it's more because I'm holding roses :D Anyway, important is being an optimist! I wish you an amazing weekend! :)

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earrings- Swarovski;
make up: Dior lipstick, Helena Rubinstein eye make-up and Clarins foundation;