Rainy Days

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Focus on: Transparent umbrella
Hi guys! I'm so sorry for not posting on the blog one week, but I had some exams to take and now I can say that the hardest part is over! I have just two more exams, but they're not that hard. So,  I'm starting to prepare myself for the amazing summer season and I'm really exited about my trip at the end of the month, can you guess where am I going? To a city I love very much! I will tell you more later :)

I took these photos last week, when we had one or two weeks of rain and awful weather! Really, it was raining for days, but well, the rain stopped just when I've decided to take photos with the umbrella... Anyway, I wasn't going to wait for the rain again, so I took "after rain" photos. Whatever, I'm trying to say is that I love transparent umbrellas! I remember that some years ago I was on a vacation in Italy and I saw one really wonderful transparent umbrella and I wanted to buy it so much, but I could't because I had to bring it with me on the plane and stuff, or put it in my baggage (good luck, it's always full of stuff) and taking the risk of breaking it. So, I bought this one just a few weeks ago, and I must confess that it's not the most comfortable umbrella to bring everywhere, because it's too big and I obviously can't put it in my bag. But when it's already raining outside I take it with me and I really enjoy it! Yes, I'm that kind of a person, I enjoy even beautiful umbrellas!

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dress- H&M;
shoes- Zara;
umbrella- Jumbo;
earrings- Swarovski;