Life's Better On The Beach

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Focus on: Beach life
Hello guys, I'm now writing from Italy continuing my dolce vita summer experiences! I arrived yesterday super tired, because I had my flight at 6 in the morning and as always I was still packing at midnight. No matter how much free time I have during the day, I just have to leave everything for the last minute, tell me I'm not the only one!?

Anyway, we took these pictures on our previous vacation at Black sea in Bulgaria. The first day there the weather wasn't fine for the beach, so there was no one there, except me taking photos of corse! As you can see in the pictures it was cloudy and windy and I can say that actually made the pictures look even better- wind in the hair is always good!

I will share with you some pictures from Italy as soon as I take some, and there's no need to hurry as I don't plan on going home until the middle of August! And I still have a lot of pictures to share with you from Paris and Black sea- really wonderful pictures! Stay tuned!

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swimwear- H&M;
kimono cardigan- H&M;
sunglasses- Celine;